Turn your
energy resources
into revenue.

Green Share assists with controlling and managing your Distributed
Energy Resources (DERs). We assist with balancing the local grid and reduce load shedding. 

Get paid for it! 

Green Share helps build a flexible renewable grid of the future. 

During Peak hours (morning and evening) when the demand for electricity is very high, the utilities and municipalities are willing to offer financial incentives to reduce consumption and generate power in order to balance the grid.

Through the management and optimization of DERs. Green Share unlocks hidden value in your energy resources.  

This Demand Response mechanism for small players has been unavailable due to econimies of scale. Green Share's platform unclocks the solution to allow your participation.


Earn Revenue for smart energy usage!! 

Green Share enables participation of your energy resources into the current utility model.


Let’s join forces in balancing the energy grid.

When the grid is under strain, Green Share communicates to it's partners to reduce or inject power into the grid.

Through agregation from grid participants Green Share creates a virtual plant.

The municipality pays Green Share and Green Share pays its partners.

Localized energy is more valuable to the grid then regional load. 

The collection of multiple Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) can have a massive impact for both the municipalities and customers.


One interface that automates energy market participation.


One interface that works accross utilities and grid operators for multiple grid services.
You will stay in charge of your energy resources and customer experience.

Participate with any resource

Extract more value

Save time on integration

Green Share Power Box


Designed and Manufactured

In South Africa


In Japan

Works Accross

Utilities and Grid Operators

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